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Raw Workshop

The Background.

RAW Workshop, part of the Response Group make a range of high-quality wooden products, offer a wood recycling/collection service and sell reclaimed timber. In the process, they help change lives.

RAW is a business that employs, trains and supports people from communities who face prejudice and barriers to work.

RAW Workshop
RAW Workshop
A pile of timber

The Challenge.

At any given time, over 85% of the RAW team will be striving to succeed in the face of issues such as physical or learning difficulties, mental health illness, recovery from addiction and criminal histories. In order to fulfil their social mission RAW Workshop must be situated in a community with social challenges.

Attracting the right consumers to their showrooms to find out about the work they do is always going to be a challenge.

RAW Workshop photography
RAW workshop banner

The Mission.

Our goal was not only to create a brand which would stand alongside other high-end contemporary furniture brands, but to provide RAW Workshop with a route to market – which wouldn’t rely on passing trade.

They needed a strong marketing and eCommerce solution and a brand which would stand out as exceptional.

RAW workshop website
RAW workshop website

The Impact.

RAW is a thriving in it’s social impact aims. Each month they create over 1,400 hours of human social impact; reducing isolation, raising self-esteem, lowering the call on blue-light and NHS services. Providing meaningful work combats depression, mental health illness and gives people somewhere of which they are proud to be a part.

As for business, RAW Workshop is supplying organisations such as the BBC and John Lewis.

RAW Workshop website, designed and developed by Monchu creative agency.
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