Client: Porsche Club GB  |  Sector: Branding

Porsche Club GB

The Brief

Porsche Club Great Britain are a club for Porsche enthusiasts. They organise community events and track days for members of the Porsche Club GB, who are all people with a shared passion for Porsche.

They approached Monchü because sales on the Porsche Club GB online clothing shop were declining. They wanted to understand why, and find out how they could start to increase sales again.

Porsche Dress shirt Mockup
Row of coloured Porsche cars
After the brief, Monchü were able to provide us with many designs to choose from, in a short amount of time, making the process easy and very successful.  Mollie Fox, Porsche Club GB
Red Porsche in garage

The Solution.

After conducting market research, we found that a younger generation of Porsche enthusiasts were finding out about Porsche Club GB, wanting to get involved. The clothing that Porsche Club GB had on sale simply didn’t reflect this new, younger audience. Their existing clothing items were heavily branded, with ‘Porsche Club Great Britain’ written on them alongside the Porsche and Porsche Club GB crests.

We suggested that they offer clothing with much more subtle branding. This would include a simple logo which would give a nod to the Porsche and Porsche Club logos, but without being overpowering. Instead, it would bring a feeling of community about belonging to this exclusive membership club for members who bought and wore the items.


The Project.

The Monchü graphic design team got to work coming up with some initial concepts to fit this brief. These included concepts which looked at different ways the Porsche Club GB crest could be used, as well as using typography, and illustration. You can see some of these initial concepts below.

Porsche Logo Inspiration designed by Monchu

The Result.

We presented these concepts to the Porsche Club GB team. The illustrated Porsche 356 resonated with them and they could see it working well as an embroidered logo, and so we went on to develop this. We had initially presented the car in green and black options, but the final logo is the Porsche 356 in cream, to represent an iconic, classic Porsche car.

Porsche Club GB new badge logo 356
Porsche Club GB new badge shirt mockup
Porsche Club GB new badge shirt mockup
Porsche Club GB new badge shirt mockup
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