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Pets As Therapy

The Background.

Pets As Therapy are a national charity that delivers Animal Assisted Therapy entirely free of charge. Through their community of around 6000+ volunteers, they provide comfort and support in schools, care homes, hospitals, prisons and a variety of other venues.

The charity approached us to bring their brand to a wider, more diverse audience, encouraging a new generation of volunteers to continue the work of their founder started 35 years previously.

Pets As Therapy logo
Pets As Therapy volunteer and dog
Monchü guided Pets As Therapy though a full rebrand and helped us manage the change - bringing the organisation into a new era of prosperity. Monchü now manages our external comms channels, including our very successful social media accounts.  Anne Clilverd, Pets As Therapy

The Challenge.

The brand and all associated materials were outdated and not designed for the digital age. The majority of information, promotional and marketing materials featured a very limited demographic. Our first priority was to portray a forward thinking, welcoming and inclusive organisation. 

This approach wasn’t universally welcomed and improving communication became a priority.

To understand what Pets As Therapy’s brand was, we first had to get to know the volunteers. Passionate, dedicated and hard working animal lovers who believe in the therapeutic value their pets can bring to those in need.

We held a number of groups in which we listen to the stories of hope and courage, and also made a safe space for those felt disenfranchised and disillusioned. We weren’t afraid to listen.

Pets As Therapy pug
Pets As Therapy fundraising guide
Pets As Therapy fundraising guide
Pets As Therapy fundraising guide

The Impact.

Volunteer numbers have now been rapidly increasing over the last few years. This is due in part to modernised processes, but mainly down to our social media management and targeted publicity. We helped Pets As Therapy find their voice online and their audience was waiting and listening.

Facebook engagement is up by over 600% and numbers across other social channels reflect this growth. We created the content strategy, implemented it over and tracked the traffic back to an updated website – without a penny being spent on paid-for advertising.

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