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Oxford Hub

The Background.

Oxford Hub is a charity offering practical volunteering, skilled placements, project incubation and events to help people shape a better Oxford.

Essentially, the Oxford Hub’s community are doers not planners. They like to impact communities by ‘rolling their sleeves up’ and supporting others who have the courage to take action.

Oxford Hub branding on a wall
Oxford Hub on Turl Street
Oxford Hub logo
Oxford Hub logo

The Challenge.

Originally part of Student Hubs, a country-wide organisation helping students find socially meaningful work placements and volunteer opportunities, the Hub had evolved into something wider-reaching.

Meaningful social impact could only be achieved with the participation of the wider community, and the Oxford Hub’s identity no longer reflected this essence of inclusivity. We firstly needed to understand their mission and values.

Oxford Hub's values

The Mission.

To understand what was required we first engaged the Hub’s team in a Brand Strategy Workshop, out of which we drafted a manifesto and condensed this is into five values.

We then looked to the building for inspiration. Oxford Hub had been set up with a social enterprise – the Turl Street Kitchen to fund their project work. The Kitchen had developed an identity of its own and we felt it was necessary to bring these two brands together while maintaining each’s independence.

Oxford Hub branding
Oxford Hub branding
Oxford Hub branding on a mug

The Impact.

The Oxford Hub will be defined and recognised by the impactful work it undertakes – and the people who work to affect social change in Oxford. We believe their new brand will improve internal cohesion and external inclusion.

The brand is already gaining traction on social media and discussions with their team on the efficacy of the new identity have been incredibly positive. We look forward to the mission and values being interpreted and shared in new, colourful and exciting ways.

Oxford Hub branding
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