Client: Oxford Health Charity/NHS  |  Sector: Branding

Oxford Health Charity

The Background.

Oxford Health Charity (OHC) was set up to enable people to show support for the services they value and to provide benefits over and above basic NHS provision.

Donation or fundraising activities result in major benefits for NHS patients and service users: a physiotherapy gym, for example, or musical equipment, sports facilities or artwork that enhances the patient environment.

Logo stamp used by the NHS UK, for use with Oxford Health Charity
Oxford Health Charity banner
Oxford Health Charity logo in black
Oxford Health Charity logo in blue

The Challenge.

Oxford Health Charity is not the only NHS charity in the city of Oxford. Oxford Hospitals Charity is an established organisation which is attached to Oxford’s other, much larger NHS provider: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Oxford Health Charity ran the risk of being confused with the its other, much larger namesake.

The Mission.

We set about to make Oxford Health Charity (OHC) identifiable – a standalone entity, unique in it’s own right. We wanted to create a resonance between those who already supported the Trust and it’s subsidiaries.

We began by looking at what makes OHC different and special. Incorporating elements from the natural world was important to the Trust and green spaces were fundamental to what OHC values.

The Impact.

The Oxford Health Charity have a foundation on which to build brand recognition and fundraising activity. They will be able to use their new brand to spearhead awareness campaigns and attract patrons and donors.

They are currently building a website to share this identity online.

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