Juan Carlos Selman del Pino is a Chilean surfer who fell in love with an English woman while sailing around the World. His travels saw him move to England where, after surfing and his new bride, he found another love… real cider.

Juan Carlos and his young family moved back to his native Chile some time later, where cider is almost non-existent. He found himself feeling like an Outsider. This was the start of OutCider.

Outcider brand images

The Challenges

Cider is a relatively new arrival to bars and supermarkets in Latin America.  The first challenge was gaining awareness among the target audience –  and they did found their early adopters in the suit community.

Monchü helped OutCider capture the essence of what it means to stand out and embrace your individuality. Their brand has catapulted cider into the public eye, and from it’s very traditional roots it is growing into a Chilean phenomena.

Ongoing Success

Outcider has gained a cult following in bars, restaurants and clubs. Several other artisan cider brands entered the market at the same time and this has actually helped gain Outcider attention as people are seeking new taste experiences.

Recently Outcider has been able to secure some high profile distribution deals with major supermarkets in Chile. The brand has used Instagram to leverage these opportunities and in driving traffic to their online shop.

Outcider on Instagram

The Impact

Outcider continues to grow in reach, sales and followers. As cider’s popularity grows in South America, so Outciders customer base gets larger.

Chile doesn’t have a strong microbrewery scene, but this is changing with brands like Outcider and the passion and pride of Juan Carlos Selman. We’re really proud to have been part of their story.


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