Client: Transition By Design |  Sector: Branding

Open House

The Background.

Transition by Design are an environmental and architectural design firm based in Oxford, focused on the transition to an equitable, low-carbon society. In 2018 they started a new project, aiming to open conversation about the huge problem of housing and homelessness in Oxford, called Open House Oxford.

Open House Oxford would be a public talking shop about the issues of housing and homelessness, on Little Clarendon Street in Jericho, Oxford. It would be an open living room welcoming anyone and everyone by day, and an event space for talks and workshops by night. Before it could come to life, though, they needed a brand identity.

This brand identity needed to reflect their mission of opening the conversation about housing and homelessness. They wanted something bold which would work as a shop sign, and that wasn’t corporate or too ‘hipster’.

The Project.

Monchü’s graphic design team did some initial creative brainstorming and came up six logo concepts which they felt fitted the brief, some of which you can see below. We focused on bold typography and colouring which would work well in a shop, as well as trying to represent the key ideas of housing and open conversations.

Open House Oxford: a public talking shop on housing and homelessness

The Mission.

After discussing these concepts with Open House Oxford, we decided to move forward with one logo. We then created a brand identity and a set of brand guidelines around this concept, along with numerous poster concepts, and two 3-metre infographics to be printed onto their shop walls, as seen above.

The final brand is focused around a bespoke typeface, created here at Monchü. The font is a bubble font, bringing approachability to the centre of the design. This reflects the mission of Open House Oxford, to open conversations about housing and homelessness in Oxford. 

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