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How ResearchersChanged The World

The Brief

Taylor & Francis Group are one of the world’s leading academic publishers, providing people all over the world with the knowledge to grow their careers, expand their education, and advance their field. Their headquarters are based in Milton Park in Abingdon.

In June 2018 Taylor & Francis Group approached Monchü with a brief. They wanted to run a multi-channel digital marketing campaign to celebrate the brilliant research published in their scholarly journals, around the theme of ‘challenging thinking’. They wanted to tell the stories behind the research on their website, by email marketing, and through social media. This, they hoped, would help to inspire the next generation of researchers, and to widen the reach of their journals.

How Researchers Changed the World: on a phone
Recording the HRCW Podcast
Really interesting podcast that makes you think about the real people behind the research your hear about in headlines.  Anonymous, Apple Podcasts 
HRCW Brand Guidelines Print page designed by Monchu

The Proposal.

When we received the Taylor & Francis Group brief, he didn’t feel that a social media campaign was the right medium. To really do justice to the research stories, we needed a channel which was focused on storytelling. And that channel was podcasting.

The Podcast.

Our proposal was to place the researchers at the heart of the project, telling the story behind their research. What motivated them? Why was this research important? How has the research gone on to change the world? We would do this through a podcast series, featuring one researcher each episode. It would be called: How Researchers Changed the World.

How Researchers Changed the World, supported by Taylor & Francis Group

The learning programs.

The podcast would have a broad appeal to the general public, demonstrating the real-world relevance of research. It would also appeal to researchers who wanted to increase the impact of their own research, to whom these research stories would be aspirational. For these researchers, we wanted to create a funnel to convert them into Taylor & Francis Group customers.

We would convert listeners into customers by using gated content: a 12-week learning program for researchers which would take them through the process of getting their research published and increasing their impact as a researcher. They would sign up to the program via the How Researchers Changed the World website, and would receive one chapter of the program each week. At the end of the 12 weeks, researchers who had completed the program would be invited to an exclusive boot camp held by Taylor & Francis Group. And this learning program would be advertised within each episode of the How Researchers Changed the World podcast.

How Researchers Changed the World, Supported by Taylor & Francis Group
Monchu HRCW Podcast Digital Examples

The Research.

For such a large-scale project with multiple parts, we needed substantial time for research and planning. This included:

  1. Market and audience research
  2. Approaching researchers to create a shortlist
  3. Creating a messaging framework
  4. Creating a marketing plan
  5. Website development of
  6. Copywriting the learning program
Researching and writing the HRCW podcast
I found this really easy to listen to despite not knowing anything about the science of the subject, it was very informative and I found it really interesting! I cant wait to learn more about a wide range of subjects in this series.  Anonymous, Apple Podcasts 

The Brand.

Another element of the project planning was the logo and brand identity, something that needed to be exactly right. The How Researchers Changed the World brand needed to highlight the association with Taylor & Francis Group, whilst standing alone as a brand. It needed to reflect the way that research impacts the world, and the idea of telling the story behind the research.

The design team at Monchü came up with initial concepts for the brand, and these then evolved and developed as we worked with our clients at Taylor & Francis Group. Below you can see some of the journey of developing the logo and brand identity.

These concepts eventually evolved to become the logo and brand guidelines that we now have for How Researchers Changed the World.

The branding chosen:

  • Uses a dark blue colour which is consistent with Taylor & Francis Group’s branding, as well as their Open Sans font
  • Has lines of electricity and ripples which radiate outwards from the centre, reflecting the way that research is disseminated and goes on to impact the world, as well as the audio nature of the podcast.
  • Uses photography to distinguish each episode, reflecting the content of the research.
Library Corridor containing research and academic journals
How Researchers Changed the World,
How Researchers Changed the World, supported by Taylor & Francis Group
How Researchers Changed the World
How Researchers Changed the World, supported by Taylor & Francis Group
How Researchers Changed the World
How Researchers Changed the World, supported by Taylor & Francis Group

The Production.

The first step in creating the podcast was to come up with a shortlist of 12 researchers who had published articles with Taylor & Francis which had gone on to have significant impact in the world. Once we had this shortlist, we began interviewing the researchers to find out the story behind their piece of research.

In April 2019 we had our first, pilot episode. We presented this to Taylor & Francis Group, who loved the episode. We went on to launch the podcast on 7 May 2019, with promotion including:

  • An internal launch and listening party at the Taylor & Francis offices in Abingdon, UK and Philadelphia, USA
  • A press launch on the Taylor & Francis newsroom, as well as sending out press releases to news outlets and specialist media
  • Email marketing, sending a promotional email to all researchers who had published with Taylor & Francis in the last year
  • Advertising in The Story Collider podcast
  • Advertising on the Science Mag website
  • Google adwords campaign
  • Paid social media across the How Researchers Changed the World Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

From then on, a new episode of the How Researchers Changed the World podcast releases every 2 weeks until October 2019:

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