Colour palette for Fungry branding


Fungry was a Food Delivery App which aimed to do things differently. Originally intending to deliver home-cooked food, the company then set about targeting small, independent restaurants.

Supported by Oxford University Innovation, the start up attempted to shake the status-quo by challenging industry giants such as Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Fungry branding and design

The Challenges

Fungry from the outset, faced considerable challenges with technology infrastructure and logistics. As well as branding them, we also helped design the User Experience on their functioning IOS App, which was built on a shoe-string.

All start-ups face massive pressure if not properly financed and despite having a successful first round funding – they failed to secure second round backers.

Their Story

Fungry ran out of cash and sadly despite having the customer base and loyal delivery riders, it folded in 2017.

We were incredibly proud to be involved in their journey and they were very happy with branding work we created. It serves as a reminder that even though the concept and model was sound, the majority of start-ups fail in their first year.

Fungry logo

courtesy of Raw Pictures:

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