Experience Oxfordshire is the Destination Management Organisation (DMO) for Oxfordshire. They are a not-for-profit partnership organisation committed to the promotion, management and development of Oxfordshire as a great destination to live, work, visit and do business.

They predominantly serve two audiences: businesses and other organisations relying on Oxfordshire’s £2 Billion tourism industry and the 27.6 Million tourists that visit every year.

Experience Oxfordshire leaflet
Experience Oxfordshire poster

The Challenges

Experience Oxfordshire’s brand was very corporate. While this was working adequately for the partners (Businesses and Organisations which reply on tourism), visitors were unaware and disconnected from the brand.

From speaking with tourists and visitors we determined that they weren’t often aware who or what Experience Oxfordshire was. We needed to position them – and the Visitor Information Centre at the heart of tourism in Oxfordshire.

Understanding the Brand

To understand the brand, we first needed to understand the respective audiences: businesses and tourists. The motivating factors; pain and pleasure points.

We learned that Experience Oxfordshire needed ‘two hats’ one bestowing the economic benefits and efficacy, professionalism of their marketing – the other focused on experiences, enjoyment and experiences which will create lasting memories.

The Impact

Oxfordshire has seen tourist numbers increase over 2017/18. Tourists visiting the Information Centre have reflected this increase.

The playful, engaging branding has encouraged more participation and investment from Experience Oxfordshire’s partners; constituents of the tourism industry in Oxfordshire.

The 2019 Official Visitor Guide will be printed in higher qualities to mirror demand, and distributed across more international sites.

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