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Welcome to the fourth episode of Monchüverse. Put together by the team at Monchü – a creative agency in the business of transforming social businesses. To find out more about us, please visit  

Throughout the week we compile all of the lovely bits and bobs we see inside and outside the realm of Monchü and share it with our favourite people – you! If you’ve come across anything you’d like shared, please feel free to contact us at

It’s been slow going in the studio this week due to all the nasty bugs going around, but we’re now keen to make amends for lost time and get our heads down!

We love working with charities and not-for-profits – but we’d like to do more! Do you have a charity or social enterprise that is close to your heart? We’d love to hear about them – and work with them.  If you refer a charity or social enterprise to us, we’ll give them a £100 studio voucher for FREE. This can be redeemed on design, consultancy, web design work. If have anyone in mind that needs any design work or if you just have a few questions then please throw Samuel an email or phone the studio on 01865 807570

Group high five
To be honest, we’re not sure exactly to feel about this portfolio website created by Phoenix Studio. Yes, it’s really really cool, is fully-loaded of beautiful design, and the animations are incredibly unique – but it does put our new website to shame, but seriously the entire project is an incredible piece of design and probably one of the most innovative website developments we’re ever seen, so go check it out!

Phoenix website screenshot
Phoenix website screenshot
Find all the hidden Easter Eggs and win nothing

What about us?
We have been so busy in trying to please and get our work out there that we completely forgot about our own identity and brand until very recently. Something is definitely changing at Monchü, and although we’re not entirely sure as to how long it will take – it’s definitely going to MMGA! (Make Monchü Great Again) You may have noticed that over the last couple of weeks we had a website re-vamp. Well now we’re revamping our printed materials and identity! See below for a mock concept for a ‘Monchü Welcome Pack’ which we hope will introduce ourselves to new potential clients a little better! Thank you to our clients: Pets As Therapy and Experience Oxfordshire who contributed some flattering testimonials.

Monchu welcome pack

Ryan’s Top Spotlight

We started Monchü to offer the same industry quality design and communications services to social businesses – typically only afforded to larger corporations.”
This is a snippet of a Top Spotlight piece from the Oxfordshire Project Network, in which Ryan is the top dog! To read the full piece, click here.
Ryan Howe, director of Monchu

From Us to Ü
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