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Welcome to the third episode of Monchüverse. Put together by the team at Monchü – a creative agency in the business of transforming social businesses. To find out more about us, please visit  

Throughout the week we compile all of the lovely bits and bobs we see inside and outside the realm of Monchü and share it with our favourite people – you! If you’ve come across anything you’d like shared, please feel free to contact us at

Screenshot of Monchu website

Monchü: Website
If you’re a regular subscriber to this newsletter then you’ll have seen that we announced the temporary closure of our website due to a complete visual overhaul. Well, it’s taken a bit longer than we anticipated – but it’s complete, and we could not be happier with the finished outcome!

Jaime Zuverza
To be featured on ‘It’s Nice That’ is usually a huge deal for any creative, and before you ask – no it isn’t us, not yet anyway, but this week we were treated to the incredible posters of Jaime Zuverza, who is an illustrator/designer based in Austin, Texas. Read the full article here…

Jaime Zuverza gig poster for Laraaji Dallas Acid
Jaime Zuverza gig poster for Ruby The Hatchet
Camerados Living Room in a Box

Camerados: Public Living Room In A Box
Success! The answer to our problems IS each other. We at Monchü had an incredibly inspiring chat with Maff & Jenny from Camerados on Tuesday and during that chat we were informed that the ‘Public Living Room in a Box’project we worked on together was a HUGE success. Needless to say, we are ecstatic and we can’t wait to get back to work with Camerados on their future endeavours. About the project…

Samuel: Icarus Project

Back in July, one of Samuel’s tracks from his upcoming album got featured on New Retro Wave – A sharing platform/record label for other like-minded Synth-Wave artists, but we’ve just seen that it has over 60,000 views, wow! If this sort of music is to your liking then check out Samuel’s musical journey on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp and be the first to hear his new album when it’s released. (That’s If he ever decides to finish it, of course).

From Us to Ü
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