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Welcome to the second episode of Monchüverse. Put together by the team at Monchü – a creative agency in the business of transforming social businesses. To find out more about us, please visit  

Throughout the week we compile all of the lovely bits and bobs we see inside and outside the realm of Monchü and share it with our favourite people – you! If you’ve come across anything you’d like shared, please feel free to contact us at

New Ground Coffee discount

New Ground Coffee
Our neighbours over at New Ground Coffee are offering 20% off their website with the code ‘MONCHU20‘. This code is active for 4 weeks only, so head onto the website and get your morning buzz on!

Here at the studio we are big fans of Matt Groening, Noel Fielding, Eric Andre, and John DiMaggio – so it goes without saying really that we thoroughly enjoyed the dark and witty humour of the new hit show ‘Disenchantment‘, which has the whole first part available on Netflix now! We highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so already.

Disenchantment on Netflix
Disenchantment on Netflix
Pets As Therapy dog walks

Pets As Therapy
Monchü have been organising the annual Pets As Therapy Sponsored Dog Walk, combined with Orvis UK. For more information please visit EventBrite.

Sarah: Animation
These last two weeks Sarah has been teaching herself how to do animation within After Effects! Below is just a short example of the power she now possesses. If you would like Monchü to create any animated advertisements for you or your organisation then please email

Experience Oxfordshire

From Us to Ü
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