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Welcome to the very first edition of Monchüverse. Put together by the team at Monchü – a creative agency in the business of transforming social businesses. To find out more about us, please visit  Throughout the week we compile all of the lovely bits and bobs we see inside and outside the realm of Monchü and share it with our favourite people – you! If you’ve come across anything you’d like shared, please feel free to contact us at

50% off

Yemaya’s Kitchen
Yemaya’s Kitchen, bringing us a Soul Food Revolution are offering 50% off or Buy One Get One Free (with a friend). Pop along and share the code: MONCHUYK1

Pence x Christ
“With chants of “Pence for Congress,” “Boycott Mulan,” and “I Still Don’t Quite Understand Why We Are Boycotting Mulan,” Pence was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2000.” The ‘official’ Mike Pence website is something to behold this week. It’s had us giggling for a while now, Is this real or is it a very elaborate prank?

Open House logo

Open House
This week we’ve been working on developing a brand for Open House – An upcoming publictalking house on housing and homelessness. Stay tuned to find out more about this project.

Oxford Hub
We recently rebranded the Oxford Hub, a centre for social action in Oxford City – for both students and residents. We tried to unite the different identities in the Hub and situate them in the fantastic environment that is the Oxford Hub on Turl Street. Get down to the Turl Street Kitchen off Broad Street in Oxford – but before you do that – read more here.

Oxford Hub

From Us to Ü
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