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In 2015 I created Monchü with the mission of creating innovative design solutions to increase the reach and impact of charities and social businesses. Over the past 4 years we’ve learnt a lot about the industry, and about ourselves. Along the way we’ve worked with brilliant clients on a variety of projects which have all been interesting in their own way, and have helped us to learn, grow, and develop as a company.

4 years later, our mission remains the same: to support charities and social businesses to increase their impact. The mission is the same, but we’ve evolved in lots of ways:

  • We’ve expanded our office space and moved into the exciting MakeSpace in Jericho, which means that …
  • We’ve been able to bring on new team members who have meant that…
  • Our creative and technical capabilities have expanded to incorporate marketing, video animation, audio and podcast production, and more.

We’ve also put a lot of effort into developing processes, systems and policies for managing projects, meaning that we have better communication with you, clearer planning and strategy for projects, and we’re always focused on delighting our clients – we want projects to be as exciting and satisfying for you as they are for us.

Now (and always), we’re going to continue to build on what we’ve learnt to keep improving. Right now we’re focusing on our communication and customer service, ensuring that we’re always getting feedback from our clients that we can take on board and learn from. You may see a short feedback survey in your inbox in the next few days, and we’d really appreciate your honest thoughts on working with Monchü. You can contact us if any thoughts come to mind.

As I mentioned, it’s our clients who help us to continually learn and improve on what we do, and so lastly I want to say a huge thank you to you, for letting us be part of your journey and for being part of ours.


Ryan Howe, director of Monchu

Ryan, Director of Monchü.

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