Dear Universe,

Technically, you should already know what I’m going to ask. As I understand it, your interpretation of time is relative.

The thing is, Universe… I need your help.

For some reason, I’ve developed a fixation on improving the world we live in. I’m either idealistic or a megalomaniac. The jury’s out on that one. I hope to use my creativity and social conscience to improve our world, and make it a fairer, happier place.

But it’s not quite going to plan.

Here’s the issue. We want to grow. We need a bigger team to keep up with our clients and ambitions. But we’ve run out of space and we’re struggling to find our new studio. Creative agencies need creative places. I’m not talking bean-bags and pinball machines (honestly!).

We need about 80-100² Meters. Lots of light and plenty of character. We want to remain in the City of Oxford, or nearby. We’re hoping to grow the business from four to ten people over the next two years.

We’ve been lucky enough to grow quite quickly and we’re designing for some incredible clients; from blue-chip businesses to multi-national charities. I’ve discovered that by giving charities and social enterprises subsidised rates, socially focussed businesses are all but falling over one another to work with us! We’re taking that well-earned profit and paying it back. Okay, I might have exaggerated that last part about businesses falling over one another.

We’re seeking investment from the type of individual or organisation who shares our beliefs. We want to attract the best creatives from all around the world and be able to pay them what they need to thrive in a city like Oxford. Perhaps if you’re able, you could help us with this also, Universe?

Anyway, I’ll await your response. It’s been a great few years for me. I was hesitant to ask, at the risk of appearing ungrateful. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get – right?

With love, Ryan

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