How to increase your engagement on Twitter

Twitter can be a really great channel to promote your brand and keep in touch with your customers. It’s fast-moving and news-oriented, which means it’s a good place to share news or content with your customers. It’s also commonly used as a customer service channel today.

When you’re using Twitter (or any social media for that matter) you want to be focusing on engagement. ‘Engagement’ on Twitter refers to the amount of people who interact with a tweet of yours by liking, replying to, clicking on or retweeting the post. Increasing your engagement means that your news and content is reaching more interested people and potential customers. So here are some tips on how to increase your engagement on Twitter.

Tip 1: Follow and engage with influencers

Follow influential people within your field to raise your visibility – this might be researchers, companies, journalists, organisations, or individuals. 

Once you’ve followed these influencers, make sure you’re also actively engaging with them and taking part in conversations around your area of expertise. Although it might not initially seem it (given the limited character limit), Twitter is a very conversational platform. Some ways that you can engage with other users include:

  • Replying to the tweets of people within your network, to offer your thoughts or perspective.
  • Retweeting other users’ tweets: this is generally seen as an endorsement of the view that user is offering.
  • Tagging other users in your own tweets or replies to encourage them to engage with you. 

It’s also worth noting that if you do want to start a conversation yourself, but feel that the 280 character limit is restrictive, there is a way around that with threads. Threads on Twitter are a series of connected tweets from one user, allowing you to create a more extended point. Create a thread by:

  1. Use the ‘Tweet’ button to compose your first tweet
  2. Click the + button at the bottom of this first tweet to add another tweet. 
  3. The ‘tweet’ button will change to ‘tweet all’: when you are happy with your tweets, simply click this button to publish them all

Tip 2: Make your value clear

Over 320 million people have a Twitter profile, so a huge amount of people can (potentially) see your posts. Therefore, it’s important that you explain what you do, or the valuable content that you’re offering, in a way that will make sense to people who have never come across your product or service before.

You might want to think about the ‘hooks’ or key elements of your business or organisation that would be relevant to a wide audience, and use these within your tweets. 

Tip 3: Use hashtags (#) to increase your reach

Using hashtags helps your posts to reach a wider audience, as accounts which don’t follow you can still see your posts when searching for these hashtags. 

On Twitter, hashtags are commonly used for discussions around topics, and so there are several existing hashtags you can piggy-back onto. You can also use tools like will help you to identify relevant subject hashtags that people often use.

It’s also a good idea to check the ‘trending hashtags’ each time you log in and see if there’s anything relevant trending that you could use in your posts to expand your reach – this is found on the left-hand side of the Twitter homescreen. 

Tip 4: Post on Twitter regularly

If you want to increase your engagement on Twitter you’ll need to be posting and engaging regularly in order to maintain your interactions and conversations. There’s a balance to be had though – as we all know, social media can become time-consuming, and when you’re running a business or organisation you’re already juggling lots of responsibilities. So, you might want to make checking your Twitter notifications, replying to comments, and posting an update part of your daily routine and dedicate a set 15 minutes to it each day.

You can use scheduling software such as Hootsuite to help with this. For instance, you could block out Friday afternoon to schedule in all your tweets for the following week. Take a look at our previous post ‘Our top 5 tools for social media marketing’ to find out more about Hootsuite.

Tip 5: Share your handle everywhere!

If you’re making the effort to develop a Twitter profile, then make sure it’s easy to find for your existing fans and customers to find. Include your Twitter handle in your email signature (and encourage colleagues to do the same). Make sure it’s clearly visible on your website and any other marketing activity (emails, printed materials, professional listings etc).

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