Marketing we love: IKEA recreates iconic living rooms

A marketing campaign that caught our eye recently was the IKEA real life series. IKEA used recreated three iconic living rooms using only their products: The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things. Frankly, we think it’s genius.

“We brought to life the iconic living rooms of the most beloved families of all times, through tons of furniture combinations in lots of different styles and sizes – and at affordable prices.” – IKEA

IKEA recreates Simpsons living room
IKEA recreates Simpsons living room
IKEA recreates Friends living room
IKEA recreates Friends living room
IKEA recreates Stranger Things living room

Why does the IKEA real life series work so well?

The main reason that the IKEA real life marketing campaign works so well is that these three iconic rooms are so instantly recognisable. They’ve deliberately chosen three incredibly well loved television programmes, that span three decades worth of viewers (1989-2019). It’s likely that you’ll be a fan of (or at least seen several episodes of) one of the three: The Simpsons, Friends, or Stranger Things. And if you know the show, you’ll know the room.

As an advert for IKEA, it’s about as visual as it could get. The only written copy on the living room ads are the names and the price of each IKEA product they’ve used to recreate the rooms. They don’t need to explain the advert, or add a slogan on there, because you look at the image and you know exactly what it’s about.

At the same time as having real pop culture appeal, the campaign also aptly demonstrates the breadth and versatility of the IKEA range. IKEA products have the reputation of being everywhere, in every home. They’re recognisable, down to the product name – the quintessentially IKEA Billy bookcase, or the ever-so comfortable Poäng chair, for instance. The IKEA real life campaign shows that you don’t have to use these products in the standard way – you can make something different and stand-out with these same basic products.

It’s not that you would want to recreate this in your own home, it’s the fact that you can.

Kudos to IKEA for a great marketing campaign!