Fungry case study: creating a startup brand

When you start a business or organisation, you also create a brand. Whilst we’re firm believers that your brand is much more than just design, it does play a part. And we know that getting the brand identity of your startup right can be tricky.

So in this post we’re using Oxford startup Fungry as a case study, looking at how you create a startup brand. Sadly, Fungry folded as a business in 2017, but we still think their story has relevance in terms of creating a startup brand.

The brief

Fungry was a food delivery start-up aiming to do things differently. They would take the models of industry giants like Deliveroo and Just Eat, and use them to support local, independent businesses instead of large restaurant chains. They were supported by Oxford University Innovation.

Fungry approached Monchü looking for support with their brand identity. They needed, first and foremost, a set of brand guidelines which they could use to create their brand look and feel. Then, they needed our support to create a suite of print and digital marketing materials, to get their brand and message in front of customers.

They needed a brand which would:

  • Give a clear indication of what the brand did
  • Work on a mobile app as well as on printed marketing material
  • Demonstrate their values: passionate, fun, genuine
  • Resonate with their customers, restaurants, and partners equally.

Our process

Initially, we worked with the Fungry founders to gain a deeper understanding of their startup company, as well as their customers. We worked on some initial logo and brand identity concepts, which were then developed to create the final brand guidelines. The final logo was an F with a bite taken out of it: a fun, playful logo which aptly represented that this was a company in the food and drink industry. We used a bright, vibrant orange as the primary color which fit with the fun style of the brand.

Colour palette for Fungry branding
Fungry branding and design

We then worked with Fungry on an ongoing basis, using these brand guidelines to develop a range of print and digital marketing materials to support their launch and growth. This included:

  • Business cards
  • Menu design
  • A slide deck for pitching to investors
  • Packaging design
  • Window stickers

Tips for creating a startup brand

One of the benefits of working with a creative agency like Monchü on your brand identity is that we can support you with expert advice, drawing on our experience with previous clients in a range of different industries. If you do decide to create your brand yourself, here are our top tips:

  • Remember that your brand is more than just design and what it looks like. Your brand is how your customers think and feel about your company. It includes your customer service, how you interact on social media, what their friends say about you, and more.
  • Your brand identity will develop as the company develops. You don’t need to have the perfect brand which speaks exactly to your aims and goals as a company from day one. It’s something that will grow and develop with you.
  • Start with your why. Why does your startup business need to exist in the world? Who is it helping? What problem is it solving? What values are at the heart of it? These are questions that should be central to your brand identity.
  • Always keep your customer in mind. If your brand isn’t speaking directly to your target audience, it isn’t right. What will resonate with them? What other brands are they using, and what does their brand look like?
  • Once you have your brand identity, stick to it. There’s nothing worse than a company with an inconsistent brand across different marketing channels. Above all, your brand and logo need to be memorable and recogniseable for your customers, and you won’t achieve that without being consistent and sticking to those guidelines that you spent so long on.

Looking for support with your brand identity? Contact us and one of the Monchü team will be in touch.