16 years ago, East Oxford desperately needed regeneration. An organisation called East Oxford Action worked with local community groups to help revive the Cowley Road, the road at the heart of the area. The Cowley Road Carnival as we know it was born. In 2001, the first Cowley Road Carnival, held on Manzil Way to a crowd of just 5,000, was held.

Today Cowley Road Carnival is a must see on the Oxfordshire’s cultural calendar, with upwards of 45,000 people getting dressed up and coming down every year, to celebrate one of the best days out of the year.

The charity behind this incredible event is Cowley Road Works. Their mission is to engage and celebrate diverse communities through cultural and educational events culminating in an annual Carnival in Oxford.

Earlier this year Cowley Road Works approached Monchü to develop their brand into that of a cultural organisation ‘on the up’. They have big plans and needed an identity to reflect this agenda. They also needed a new website which talked about the broader programme of events and activities – as well as the Carnival.

Here at Monchü, we are passionate about culture and the arts in Oxfordshire, we are also proud ‘Cowleyfornians’ and we are honored to be working on this exciting project.

Cowley Road Works needs support every year from supporters, sponsors and volunteers. If you think you can help in any way and would like to get involved – please contact Cowley Road Works to find out more.


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© Image credits: Jim Slade and Jim Robinson, 2011 – 2017.