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Your customer service, how you interact on Twitter, and whether you give back to the community are all elements that feed into your brand identity and reputation as a company or organisation.

That’s why creating a brilliant brand isn’t just about design. But it’s a good place to start – and that’s where we come in.

Right: Outcider Logo (2016)

OutCider logo and branding designed by Monchu
Sketching rough ideas for a new Brand
Your brand is the singlemost important investmentyou can make in your business  Steve Forbes, Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine.
HRCW Brand Guidelines Colour and typography page designed by Monchu

Whether you’re looking for branding for your new startup company, want to reinvigorate the brand identity of your charity, or need to create a stand out brand for your next marketing campaign, Monchü can help. Our Branding service includes:

  1. Logo design
  2. Idea generation and brand concepts
  3. Brand messaging and tone of voice
  4. Brand guidelines, including colour and font

If you’re looking for any (or all) of these then get in touch, and one of the Monchü team will get back to you.

Left: HRCW Brand Guidelines

Monchu initial logo concepts for upcoming charity Adapt

Branding Example: Pets As Therapy

Pets As Therapy are an Oxfordshire based charity providing animal therapy visits to people in hospitals, hospices, care homes, schools, and prisons across the UK. In 2017 they approached Monchü to help them rebrand the charity to appeal to a more diverse audience of volunteers across the UK and Ireland.

Find out more.

Pets As Therapy pug
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