Juan Carlos Selman del Pino is a Chilean surfer who fell in love with an English woman while sailing around the World. His travels saw him move to England where, after surfing and his new bride, he found another love… real cider.

Juan Carlos and his young family moved back to his native Chile some time later, where cider is almost non-existent. He found himself feeling like an Outsider.

In an effort to escape the bustle of life in Santiago, Juan Carlos purchased a small plot of land on a remote stretch of central Chilean coast near his favourite beach. There he built a modest holiday home his children could enjoy and where he could escape for surf trips. On the plot the found the only apple tree for hundreds of miles. It was in this moment he had an idea. He would start pressing traditional West-Country cider in South America.

This was the start of OutCider.

Monchü helped OutCider capture the essence of what it means to stand out and embrace your individuality. The brand has catapulted cider into the public eye, and from it’s very traditional roots it is growing into a Chilean phenomena.

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