polaroids demonstrating camerados work

What is a Camerado?

It’s an idea that friendships and a sense of purpose could help us all beat tough times: the idea that isolation and loneliness underlie a lot of the big problems in society. The Association of Camerados set out to bring about more human connection in the world and quickly learned that when we look out for others, it creates the sense of purpose we all need.

The Challenges

Camerados is planning to start a global movement, which is never easy is a world saturated with on and offline messaging. Information simply gets drowned in noise. We needed to find a way in which the movement could spread organically – from one Camerado’ to another.

Our Response

We worked with Camerados to create a Living Room in a Box. A movement spreading device which would also address the ‘why’ behind Camerados’ mission. Developing an idea first offered up by IDEO, we designed each box to be slightly different and carefully crafted the contents – half filled with essential supplies to start a public living room and the other half reserved for mementoes which tell the story of the box’s journey.

The Impact

The initial 12 boxes went all over the world, from Australia and the USA to the UK and Ireland. The excited new custodians of the boxes were quick to post pictures of the boxes as they arrived, to social media.

Soon, Camerados will be sharing what they have learned about others setting up a Public Living Room – and passing this knowledge and wisdom along to the next link in the chain. Hopefully thanks to the incredible work and vision of Camerados, at least one person is not suffering today in isolation and loneliness.

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